Good Riddance to the chair sniffing smell

August 4, 2008

The news out of WA today: Troy Buswell, Leader of the State Liberal Party has resigned.

In one of the most pathetic attempts at self dignity, WA’s most famous chair sniffiing deviant claimed that he was resigning for the good of the party, and that ultimately his interesting ways with women shouldn’t stand in the way of Liberal victory at the 2009 WA State Election.

What an utter load of bollocks.

If Troy seriously puts the Liberal Party before his own vanity and status, he would have resigned months ago. The fact he held on for three months only reflects on his own selfishness over the greater good of the party. I’d also bet that his resignation was prompted by a poised army of knifes waiting to stab him in the back if he failed to fall on his own sword. The local press states that polling showed an impeding Buswell led wipeout, and ultimately there are very few MP’s who will put loyalty to the leader ahead of loyalty to themselves when they look like losing their seats.

Reports suggest Colin Barnett will retake the leadership. To this day I remain highly impressed with Colin. He is both a man of great knowledge and great humilty. Someone who is capable of showing empathy because perhaps he cares, unlike Buswell.

The Troy saga proves once again that ultimately in life, what goes around, comes around. I can only hope that he’s forced to quit his seat as well, given he knifed Bernie Masters, the former member, in the back to get it. It really couldn’t have happened to a more selfish, disloyal, low life, prick of a bloke.