If You Wan’t To Know The Relevance Of b5media Today…

February 18, 2010 — 3 Comments

Hit Google News.

Hit Google Blog Search.

Over 50 bloggers were fired from what was once the third largest blog network, a network that has taken $8m in funding, and hardly anyone wrote about it.

They’ve also launched a new site today. The interwebs are silent.

A couple of people who did write about it
Tyme White: b5media, Crushable, and protecting yourself as a writer
Roberta Ferguson: b5Media opens fire on the entire entertainment channel, fires 50 bloggers
Meida Bistro: B5Media Terminates Entire Entertainment Network; 50 Freelance & Full-Time Bloggers Gone
Trus Hussey: How the Mighty Have Fallen: b5media Shutters a Prime Channel
Gary Conn: B5media Fires 50 Entertainment Bloggers