The Filtering Problem on RSVP

February 17, 2010

So I joined an online dating site, specifically Fairfax’s RSVP. Yeah, yeah, online dating etc…

But there’s a catch. Well, there’s not that sort of catch yet, its been less than 24 hours 🙂

The filtering sucks.

I received an email of potential matches: none of them matched.

The problem is that while you can say what your preferences are, it’s difficult to filter other peoples preferences.

For example: I don’t care if the other person is single, divorced, separated etc. But I can only search based on that criteria for them, vs what they want in a partner.

Example: women who only want someone who is single or doesn’t have kids. I can search if they do or don’t have kids, but I can’t filter out those who want someone who doesn’t have children (obviously there I have a son.)

And it can’t be that hard. I think I could write the SQL query to do it based on my one semester of SQL in 98 🙂

2 responses to The Filtering Problem on RSVP

  1. RSVP has a search option called ‘I’m their ideal partner’ under the advanced search options. This option searches for people that meet your ideal partner criteria but also matches your ideal partner criteria against theirs. There is a short way to do this search simply by selecting ‘my matches’ underneath the search option in the navigation. Good luck with your search.

  2. It is necessary to get the proper match through filtered search criteria. Unless we'll be getting mails just like junks. Actually it needs to be done from the dating site. If they can't I think better search for other options.