Inquisitr February 2009: and still the ad market bleeds

March 2, 2009 — 7 Comments

Pageviews: 2,315,920 (new monthly record)

Traffic profile: largest post at 15.2% of views (and a bloody lot of comments).

Finances: the ad market is still bleeding.

Our overall monthly return was down 2.1% from January despite a 27% jump in traffic. By my calculations, we are off 23% on what we should have achieved in February based on January’s return.

Our profit is up somewhat this month due to putting off one writer. The profit though is up less than the cost of that writer. The weakening AUD helps a little bit as well (all my calculations above are in USD) as the net return has a slightly higher end result due to currency conversion, although all our costs are in USD, so this only works in our favor with profit.

Going forward we’ve done everything we can to run a lean ship. Our cost base is down, and despite being down a writer the traffic went up. However there are risks ahead. We’ll likely do less traffic this month (we tend to go on two month cycles), and a similar drop in advertising rates will hurt. The only question now is when will the online ad market bottom, and how much further will it fall.

Technorati Rank: 252. It actually went backwards this month by a small amount, although has been all over the place (even 133 briefly for one day, and a high of 305.