Is Digg now saying gaming Digg is ok?

September 7, 2006

From Kevins Rose’s blog (emphasis added):

…today we read a couple blog posts that highlight users digging each others stories. This is something we encourage through our friends features and will continue to expand as digg evolves. It is our goal to create a platform in which you can share and promote news that is important to you.

Isn’t this exactly what Weblogs Inc. was doing, i.e. getting their mates to Digg their stories? If it’s ok to get your friends to vote on your stories, then there’s no gaming Digg if your friends vote for you, right?


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One response to Is Digg now saying gaming Digg is ok?

  1. Actually, Kevin has never said he had a problem with this. He and Jason discussed it several times when the “controversy” first broke surrounding WIN.