Life is Short

March 6, 2007 — 3 Comments

I was all prepared to post today about how living in the fastest growing part of Australia (officially) is becoming a pain, even if the growth figure of just under 10,000 extra people in 5 years came off a low base of 50,000. Every day or two I’m now having to deal with banked up traffic..not total traffic jams, but close there to it, I even thought to grab a snap this morning:


On the way back from dropping the golden child off to school, as I rounded a bend maybe 3 minutes from home, just short of the Collie River Bridge (Australind ByPass) I came across a horrific accident. 2 cars and a truck. The 2 cars had vered off the road and rolled. It looked like the driver of the Commodore had been pulled out and gone to hospital, the car wasn’t in a good shape but it still had some shape. The white 4WD (maybe a Honda smallish 4WD) was rooted and the Police had put up white sheets around the car, a sure sign that there was at least 1 dead body in the vehicle. The Truck was pulled up to the side of the road, the only evident damage looked like a scrape to the front left hand side. It could have been me. If it wasn’t for the old folk with their caravans heading North after the long weekend I could have been there 15-20 minutes earlier. Thankfully my impatience in queueing earlier saw me divert to some shops to grab a few things. Someone today lost a father, a mother, a child. Maybe I’m just getting old myself, but life is short, and who am I to complain about traffic when someone lost their life. Perspective is a wonderful thing, a double edged sword perhaps, but it does make you think.