Looking for some Australian blogs

April 16, 2007 — 36 Comments

Now I’m hooked on Google reader, I’ve started subscribing to more and more Australian blogs…what I’d really like to have is a dedicated “Australian Blogs” category, but so far the pickings are pretty slim. I’ve got most of the 2web guys in my feeds, and others I’ve met along the way (in person), but if you’re an Australian blogger who I might not have included, let me know, email or comments. I’ve ignored the Australian blogosphere for far to long and I want to read more, know more, and promote more!

PS: while I’m at it, anyone interested in an Australian Blogging Conference still? We got close there for a while but it was canceled. If I can find 5-6 interested parties I’ll start organising it my self, and I’ll even try to not have it in WA. Jetstar flies Perth-Melbourne so put Melb on the shortlist 🙂