Movable Type 4 to be open sourced

June 5, 2007 — 4 Comments

Just had a post up at TechCrunch on Movable Type 4.0 and the fact that it will be open sourced.

I’m conscious of just running posts at that link to stuff at TechCrunch given I’m writing there, but bugger it, this is a post worth writing about and linking to.

I talked to Anil Dash for about 45 minutes today (my time of course, AWST +8 GMT). Even in the darkest moments of my relationship with Mena and SixApart Anil was always the consummate gentleman. It was a delight talking to him, he admitted that SixApart had make mistakes in the past without naming them, and said that open sourcing MT was about going back to MT’s roots. If I was nasty I could say that it’s all too late, but Web 2.0 me isn’t quite as negative: it’s never too late to embrace your community, and although I’ve now spent years working under WordPress I’ll be giving the new version of MT a serious shot. I only just received the MT 4.0 source files, literally 5 minutes before the TechCrunch post so I couldn’t include a test, but it’s next on my agenda.

It looks cool and I really hope that it is as well. More soon, although first thought: I wonder if they have included a WP to MT tool?