MSN Spaces to become MyMSN Spaces?

June 7, 2006 — 4 Comments

Looks like Microsoft has caught the Social Networking bug, with news that the uber-firm is planning to role out Social Networking features as part of their MSN Spaces offering, with testing already under way in of all places….Australia (there’s a first for everything!).

Interesting play though in the evolution of the blogosphere. Where as Social Networking sites such as MySpace bolt on blogging as an additional feature, now we have a blogging setups bolting on social networking features. This also after recent news about SixApart’s upcoming Comet launch which smells and looks like social networking as well.

The lines between social networking and blogging continue to blur. Perhaps we need a new name to merge the blogosphere with social networking….networksphere perhaps, anyone got any other ideas for a new name?

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