My AuctionAds gripe

March 29, 2007 — 2 Comments

I wrote a couple of weeks back that I was going to give Jeremy Schoemaker’s AuctionAds a spin, it certainly looked promising. Now admittedly I haven’t rolled it out beyond one small site because of this:


The thing is, because AuctionAds isn’t contextual it’s near on hopeless unless you’ve got a very, very targeted niche site, and the we’re not contextual so you can run it along side of Adsense units is incorrect: Google now allows contextual ads units from other providers as long as those ads don’t look the same as the Google Adsense units on site, which AuctionAds don’t. I tried the ol’ Chitika WordPress hack: inserting the post title php code into the keyword field within the AuctionAd’s script to get contextual ads: unlike Chitika it doesn’t work with AuctionAds. Now if I was running static websites that weren’t template based I could place AuctionAds on a per page basis tuned to the product, but I run WP dynamic sites where I don’t code the ad on a per page basis, but site wide. Hopefully, hopefully some one from AuctionAds reads this post and looks into contextual ad units, this is a company I’d really like to get behind and use, but the product is losing me money at the moment and as such I’m not about to expand my use.

Postscript: check this site out:, not my site but up for sale as a “AuctionADs Automated Blog” in this thread at DigitalPoint. Instead of PS3 ads, I’m seeing ads for “Authentic Coach Signature Small Soft Duffle Black”, completely useless. AuctionAds served contextually would be a kickass product.