Planning Medacity 2.0

November 7, 2011 — 39 Comments

We’re over 3 months in with Medacity now, and although I still believe the focus and idea is a good one, without a round of funding and the ability to truly own the space, we’re not going well.

I believe we’ve done well, and we’ve had some good hits. But the overall traffic hasn’t been great at all. At least, it’s not growing at a sustainable rate.

It’s blogging: sometimes you hit well, sometimes you don’t. But when you don’t hit well, you know it’s time to change.

The Inquisitr (my last site) had 4 different templates, covered new areas then dropped them, and ended up a very different site to when it started. But I do know when I sold it, it was doing 8m pv on over 1.8m uniques. Change was part of that process.

And hence it’s time to change Medacity.

I’m consulting with the writing team now, but I’m thinking broadly that we’re going to move into tech (while still covering New Media), particularly startups and broader tech, but not gadgets.

I’m naturally disappointed the initial idea didn’t take, but when has any idea I’ve had (or many others for that matter) taken initially?

I think of Loic LeMuer and Jason Calacanis as my inspirations: two blokes who keep changing to try to hit that ultimate win.

It’s still early days, and I have the core of the same awesome writing team I had at The Inquisitr writing for me, a team that has already proved themselves from 1m to 8m page views.

I’d welcome your thoughts as to the direction we should head towards as well.