Robert Scoble is a hypocrite

August 3, 2006

I’ve been recently updating my Bloglines subs, purging some feeds, adding some new ones, and I decided today to resubscribe to Robert Scoble’s blog…I’d refused to in the past when he moved across to WordPress because as far as I was concerned he was damn lazy in not doing a modrewrite of his old feed…not a nice way to treat people…but I digress, because the man who once said that he would refuse to read part feeds is offering…A PART FEED!

Check out this shot:

robert scoble

Yep, another case of do as I say, not as I do.

Shame Robert, Shame.



One response to Robert Scoble is a hypocrite

  1. I am pretty sure that it is just a WordPress stuff up. If you look at the source of his feeds, ONLY the RSS feed has the summary. Both other feeds — Atom and RSS2 have the full content.

    And with WordPress, the default feed path /feed/ provides RSS2 which has the full content. You might have clicked on the very first feed shown on Bloglines, which unfortunately is the old RSS feed on /feed/rss/.

    (Actually if you look at your own /feed/rss/ feed — it is also only showing summary)

    I don’t really read Scoble’s stuff, but you might need to investigate before calling someone “hypocrite” (except if it is meant to be a link bite 🙂