Rocket Post, yet another blog posting tool

June 27, 2006 — 9 Comments

Darren’s got a great big list of professional blogging links over at Problogger today and instead of doing the work I should have been doing I spent some time checking out a few of the links, and discovered yet another blog posting tool, RocketPost for Anconia. It certainly looked interesting enough from their page to download the demo version, and I was looking forward to perhaps finding the next step up in blogging software from my current blogging tool of choice, Blogware. Sadly however, I was disappointed once again, because despite some fairly nice WYSIWIG features, they just don’t get the image handling right, for example I cant copy and paste an image into a post, and as much as I can drag and drop an image from a page to RocketPost, it doesn’t save it in the post, it just shows it from the original page, which as all bloggers know is a no-no. Oh well, back to BlogDesk.

Post note: no tags here, the feature didn’t work in RocketPost despite promising to.