Inside Joel Comm’s Made for Adsense spam venture

June 27, 2006

After yesterday’s little flame war caused by Yaro Starak defending Joel Comm’s latest offering, “Instant Adsense Templates”as being legitimate, I was fortunate enough to get a tip from a reader of the preview of the templates and marketing system Joel Comm is offering readers for $197…and although he chucks in some WordPress templates, the bulk of it is good ol’ fashioned Made for Adsense spam pages, plain and simple.

But let me prove it.

The samples

In his email to his “joint venture” (JV) partners, Joel provides access to a password protected page (click on images for larger versions):

joel comm
joel comm

Now on the second screenshot you’ll notice the “sample” pages Joel has provided to JV’s.

The sites are as follows, and I’ve included screenshots lest they be removed by the time you read this post:
joel comm
joel comm spam
joel comm spam site

He also mentions some tempaltes for Blogger and WordPress as well, but I won’t review these because, quite literally, there is nothing wrong with these, because they are just templates. What is different in the sample sites it what’s provided with them, and I’ll use Joel’s words here:

My templates were created with private label content, which means there is no author bio or links to distract from your AdSense! You can also make changes to make it unique.

You see, they aren’t just templates, but they come with nice spam content as well, made literally to help get that search engine traffic in to maximise your Adsense click!

Soundy spammy already? but wait, there’s more!

This is the preview version of Joel’s sales pitch. In case it disappears as well, here are some screen shots, I’m particularly fond of the testimonials (blah, blah, blah, blah, blah) 🙂

joel comm

joel comm spam


joel comm spam

comm con

I like this next shot, particularly the “spam sites don’t cut it” any more 🙂


I won’t bore you with more screenshots, but some of the highlights:

“Yes, I want my own empire of income producing websites”

“2,413 pages of content”.


Still don’t think this is spam, let’s use Joel’s own words from the Instant Adsense Templates JV Blog where he admits exactly what the product is!

The product is what it sounds like, but it’s also a lot more….Have you seen those crappy “AdSense Sites” that have been circulating around the web for the past year? You know those ones with poor design, poor optimization, and filled with articles that have links in them and author credits?

Well those sites were motivation for us to do it better. We wanted to do it the right way by building QUALITY templates. Instead of Joel hiring some cheap labor overseas to build these sites, they are being built internally by highly successful marketers. These templates employ the strategies taught by Joel Comm, and will help people easily launch their own AdSense business.

Yep, the only difference between Joel’s templates and all the other “Made for Adsense” spam sites out there is that Joel thinks he’s done it better.

But why is Yaro Starak promoting it?

Hopefully Yaro will read all of this and change his mind, but lets see why Yaro is getting people to sign up for a free e-book from Joel here…it’s simple really, Joel told him to 🙂

joel told me

and yes, a cookie now is as good as 50% of the $197 later!

yaro starak

The verdict: give me spam, lot of spam…..

But now the last bit.

From Joel on his JV Websites:

Please do not tell anyone about this page unless they are a studly marketer with a big list!


Smells like spam, looks like spam….

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29 responses to Inside Joel Comm’s Made for Adsense spam venture

  1. This Joel guy is a dead set joke.

    Google can cut these idiots out of the picture by requiring every individual site that has Adsense displayed to be approved.

    At the moment all you need is one legitimate site and can then publish as many splogs as you want. It would foster an ethic in people to actually work hard to create decent content or communities plus it would mean eyeballs will not get trapped in splog circles thus letting advertisers get better value for their clicks, advertisers would pay more for the better returns, legit publishers get more $$$, making them and Google happy.

    The only people not to benefit from individually approved site/domain verification for Adsense would be get rich quick/passive income seekers and spruikers.

  2. Who are these evil people tipping you off to this great way to make money. How dare you ruin it for all of us. A half a box of spam is still a half a box.

    I’m still curious why Yaro is promoting this crap. Really stupid. IMO.

  3. This has given me a nice laugh for the afternoon. It is almost like a joke. “My templates are not some cheesy collection”. rofl.

    But you need to hurry, because there are only 2000 available!

  4. I just wonder why someone who is purporting to have made so much from adsense needs to resort to this sort of crap to turn a buck?

  5. Stu: For exactly the same reason as scammers who run shonky property seminars. There is more money in “selling the dream” that these easy revenue generation systems offer people than actually implementing them themselves as a legitimate business.

  6. Hi Duncan,

    I’ve added an update to my post that started the whole issue with the adsense templates. It goes like this –

    This post is intended as a recommendation for anyone interested in a free ebook on beginner AdSense tips. In order to download this free ebook you must opt-in to a pre-launch email list for an AdSense templates product to be released in July by Joel Comm and Eric Holmlund. Since I have not seen this product I cannot endorse it, nor is this post meant to be an endorsement of Joel Comm or Eric Holmlund. I just reckon the content in the free ebook is worth reading if you want to improve your AdSense performance. I?ɬ¢?¢‚Äö¬¨?¢‚Äû¬¢m sorry if I have confused anyone with my intentions regarding this post.

    I believe this clarifies my position and brings it into line with Darren Rowse’s stance on linking to Joel Comm’s products. I wanted to endorse the free ebook, but I can see where my intentions may have been confusing and you certainly made me aware of it.

    I’m not sure if this will change your perception of me or my blogs but as I said, I hate having bad blood between us, so I’d like to work to repair our relationship.

  7. I can see exactly what Yaro was trying to do. He was just trying to promote the free e-book. He also admits his mistake for doing it the way he has, so Duncan, I’m sure you two can sort things out.

    I personally think the best thing for Yaro to do, is to remove the post and admit his mistake about aff linking to it, and just get himself out of linking to this adsense spam template. But we all do things in different ways…

    BTW, you actually don’t have to opt into the mailing list to get the e-book, which at least will keep you off this “spammers” mailing list.

  8. Duncan,

    I was shocked to see the program that Joel is promoting. His original ebook was full of good, useful information.

    I ran the content on the screenshots you provided through Google. There is already duplicate content issues for it:

    A shame.

  9. Duncan, the spam issue aside, how would you like it if someone published a preview of your product before it was publicly launched? I think it’s unethical to publish the contents of someone’s password protected site, whether or not it the login details were given to you by someone else.

  10. Hock
    I think it’s unethical to sell products that are spam and also break the Google TOS, sucking unsuspecting bloggers and others into parting with their money for this rubbish.

  11. Duncan, but you’re not answering my question… I’m not debating the issue of whether the product is unethical or not, just that if I had sent someone an email about a prelaunch site that’s password protected and that person forwards that information to a third party which then ends up being published publicly, I’d be pretty upset.

  12. I don’t believe its unethical to expose evil…or things that are wrong…I’d also note that Joel Comm encourages his “venture partners” to invite others to the program, so if anything he want’s others on board as well.

  13. Whether spamming is ethical or not, I get a laugh at the hipocracy of those on this blog post.

    FYI, taking screenshots, particularly of password protected pages, is a clear and obvious violation of all US copyright laws.

    I hope you righteous “holier than thou” posters are proud of the fact that what you are doing is far worse than blog spam.

    It is hard to take any of you serioulsy, as you obviously feel “ethics” only applies to the other guys.

    I suggest you get off your soapboxes and get your own ethics (and legalities) together before passing judgement on others.

  14. I agree with the above post (It wasn’t me, you can check the IP). I happen to own the copyright to the above referenced material (along with Joel), and I hereby ask you to remove it. I’ll send an “official” notice if needed…


  15. Not to fuel this further, but it’s sad to see how DMCA notices are being used “these days” – rightfully or not.

    Of course, whether or not the screenshots are removed, the general “content” should be good enough warning to anyone even close to considering this sort of “stuff”.

    P.S.: You don’t need to be a genius to note that dynamic IP connections or proxies can easily circumvent IP checks. Of course, anonymity helps too. 🙂

  16. Odly enough, if you check you emails Eric, you’ll find that you invited me (via one of my email addresses) as well when I checked, hence I was given access to it….oddly enough by you.

  17. Giving access to a private directory doesn’t mean you can publish it at will.


  18. Why would you give someone access to a password protected directory in the first place? Anyone you give access to can relay the material they saw.

    A DMCA notice for screenshots would do nothing except make the situation worse. There would be one hundred mirrors faster than you could say, “This was a mistake.”

    This comment made me laugh:

    “FYI, taking screenshots, particularly of password protected pages, is a clear and obvious violation of all US copyright laws.”

    No, it’s not. Fair use dictates you can use examples of published material. Duncan was invited, so he was granted access.

  19. I don’t think it came from me Duncan, but you would have received it if you’ve been an affiliate for Joel in the past.

    Regardless, I have now sent you a cease and desist order by email, and I’ve left you two voice messages with no response.

    Please remove our copyrighted material from your site immediately.

  20. haven’t got any voice mail messages (unless project gizmo is playing up??), but as Patrick notes it’s fair use, and bloggers are protected under the first ammendment in the States for exposure of alleged “trade secrets” as per the recent decision in the Apple case…although there is nothing secret about what you’re selling here Eric…as for whether it was you or Joel, is there a difference, because you’re claiming the program is yours and yet it has Joels name on it? So whats the story, is Joel your puppet now? And tell me, as someone who alleges to be a Christian, how do you reconcile you faith with your online activities…suck poor unsuspecting people in to buy this sort of stuff? Also what does God think about the death threats, threats to take me offline, and other legal threats you and your supporters have been sending me? Perhaps it’s time I reported some of these emails to the AFP (Australian Federal Police) who will undoubtedly send them on to the FBI for further investigation?
    As Patrick said, the more you make of this, the bigger it will become. You haven’t defended your program, not once, because simply you cant, and whilst I’ve moved on to more interesting things, you obsess about this…and you’re trying to get your mates to bully boy me…Im getting on with things Eric, I suggest you do to.

  21. Duncan and Patrick

    Thats downright ignorant to call publishing an unreleased sales letter before its launch “fair use”.

    As for defending the program, I did defend it in your other thread which you started about me. Unless you deleted my comment, hopefully I cleared up a few areas in which you were misguided.

    As for you trying to drag my faith into this again… I also addressed that issue in my post, and your attempt to use it against me is an act of immaturity.

    Duncan as far as your gibberish about “death threats” and such… It sounds like a weak attempt to get people to feel sorry for you.

    If you’re truly receiving death threats, by all means report it. I would.

  22. I think Google should be able to see right through these things pretty soon, if not now 🙂

  23. Thanks for the heads up, Duncan. I waffled for quite a while about whether or not to give Joel a shot with his recent Monthly Adsense templates. I thought the same thing you did when I saw the earlier Adsense templates, but for some reason I decided to take the plunge with this go around – only temporary and as an experiment. Here’s the problem I find with just about any VRE creation, whether or not it’s Adsense sites. I’ve asked around, but I don’t get very many answers:

    Even if you can get your site’s home page indexed, that doesn’t mean the rest of the site will be indexed. It is my experience that links on pages with a PR3 or lower will NOT be indexed AT ALL. At least, not by Google. Apparently, the Google bot is now so “weak” (deliberately, no doubt) that it just bounces off the page and moves on, without indexing the URLs on the page, if said page is PR3 or lower. Also, even if you point a bunch of PR5 and PR4 pages from one site to another site, including a site map with all of the URLs of that other site, you may get those pages indexed, but they may end up in “supplemental hell.” The only way is to get many links from a BUNCH of other sites to point to each individual page to get anything going substantially enough. SEO experts know these facts. So, with all that work, how the heck are umpteen Adsense sites and pages going to do you any good? They might never even be indexed, or even if they are, they may never make it out of supplemental. Hence, they will never get enough traffic, no matter how many sites and pages you have, in order to bring in any substantial income. I asked this question of Comm’s support, and what I got in return was a PDF of Joel’s traffic-generating methods, which, of course, were pretty basic. Not much help there, and my question still stands.

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