Sign of the times: New game to be designed for Wii, but not the Xbox 360 or PS3

February 8, 2007 — 3 Comments

Definite sign of the times: Rockstars next release, Manhunt 2 is being developed for the Playstation 2, PlayStation Portable and….the Wii, but not the XBox 360 nor the PlayStation 3. I keep reading reports of people trading PS3’s for the Wii, and of the massive backlog of orders in the US and Europe for the console. You can’t buy it here in Australia either at the moment, as soon as a shipment comes in, they’re straight out the door. It’s literally the MUST HAVE console of this generation, and even hard core gamers are starting to come across…after all, playing computer games in a group has never been so much fun!

Disclosure: I own a Wii 🙂