Something is rotten in the State of Technosailor

February 12, 2007

I read with amazement today that “bidding” on Aaron Brazell’s Technosailor is up to $23,750, with Aaron setting the BIN price @ $30,000. I don’t want to rain on Aaron’s parade, I’ve worked with Aaron previously and I’ve got (previously and into the future) a lot of time for Aaron, but something is rotten in the state of Technosailor.

I put “bidding” in adverted commas, because the notion that bidding has reached this point is spurious at best, lets look at the bids for the site:


One bid at $7500, one at $23,750. Nothing, nudda, zilch bids in between. If it doesn’t look right it probably isn’t. NO ONE bids an additional $16,250 in one bid, particularly for a site with a revenue history of $250/ month. $23,750 is 95 times monthly revenue, which is literally insane. Sure there is plenty of room to improve returns from the site, but to this extent? Why not bid at $8000 or even call it an even $10k, after all site acquisition is about getting the best price you can for a site, even if it does result in a small bidding war. Unfortunately Aaron is now asking $30k for the site BIN, which is even more insane, 100+ times monthly revenue. If it is worth this, all my talk about there not being a bubble is wrong, there is a bubble, a bloody great big one centered on blogs.

Having said all that though, I could be wrong. If it goes for $30k though, I reserve the right to label the buyer as insane for the rest of my life 🙂

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  1. Holy crap.

    I make more than twice that per month off of Zero Boss. Guess it’s time to start trolling for $50,000 bids!

  2. 95x … WTF!

    That gap between bids is a sure sign something is not quite right.

    But if Aaron can get some sucka, I mean buyer, for $30K all the best to him.

    Personally, for such a high BIN price I’d like to see more revenue history – as it’s pretty much a high speculation deal without it … has the blog bubble started? Hmm…

  3. Property and websites are the same in that they are only worth what a buyer is willing to pay. It is interesting though how you can sell a personal blog for $30K, then start up a new one the next week. Something like for instance.

  4. Let’s face it .. Aaron = technosailor. The design concept is nice, but freezes my computer everytime I go there for 30 seconds before it loads. Can the keywords “myspace blogs” be worth that much? And, it’s not #3 anymore, it comes on page 2 today. Tomorrow? Who knows. He mentions that 15 posts will be taken .. I wonder if any will be some that have brought these high placing keywords?

    But let’s be honest here .. so what if Aaron makes a killing on his blog and the buyer is labelled insane for the rest of his/her life? My only opinion would be .. WTF is the point of having a private auction but promote it so publicly?

    And, if It’s a real story that we are looking for .. my pick would be the b5media minus Duncan! When does the NDA period end? 🙂 Talk about private dealings … Curiousity killed the cat sometimes, but cats got nine lives to figure it out

  5. Aaron, I’m not yukking it up. I’m envious. 🙂

  6. Aaron
    no attention whoring here, and I’ll say it again this isn’t aimed at you, it’s certainly not personal, and its about the bidding, blind freddy can see somethings not right there, and I don’t believe 30k is a reasonable price tag, but I do in all honesty hope you get it. As for private/ public sale, the site is up for sale on Sitepoint, it’s public.

  7. Aaron – don’t take it so personally. This IS a public auction. The figures and bids are out there. We’re all interested in how blogs sell. This one just seems a tad strange: such a high value for essentially a personal blog with very little revenue.

    Good luck in getting a buyer, but I must question the business sense of such a purchase based on the figures you have put up – nothing personal, mate.

    And HART is correct – we’re missing the real story here. What really happened in the b5/Duncan break-up? NDA or not – the story will have to come to light sooner or later.

    The break up between Duncan and b5 has been very quiet (way too quite in fact). Duncan: am I mistaken or did you take a small pot shot at those left behind at b5 in this post? I’m sure I read it here the other day.

  8. No shots here Martin, this is strictly about the sale and not about Aaron, and I’ll say what I’ve said to Aaron privately as well, I really do hope he gets $30k for it.

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