SixApart and Adwords

March 21, 2006 — Leave a comment

Spotted these Adsense ads here.

Two interesting points: one is that SixApart is using Google Adwords to sign up bloggers. Maybe the affiliate program through isn’t working perhaps? My advice to SixApart is CJ is a pain, you’d be better of using LinkShare, Shareasale, or even running it yourself, with payment made monthly via Paypal.

The other ad is more interesting though, given its directly attacking SixApart’s Live Journal. From the site:

LJ Abuse runs rampant across LiveJournal, suspending accounts at will with no oversight and no appeal. The abuse team tosses around legal terminology with no idea what it means, and users are informed of rules only after being suspended for breaking them. Argue back and they will go in to your locked entries looking for ammunition against you.

It’s time for a new LJ Abuse team, a new manager, and a clean slate.

No ads on the site either, this is a blogger with an axe to grind.