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Steve Gilmor is a smart guy, but his inability to focus on more than one thing at a time (or more precisely to constantly seque in a post) is worthy of cult status.

This post translated as best as I can make it out.

Our Home Town
I stumbled across Summize. I did a vanity search. Tim Russert died. There was nothing on TV. Russert covered the Presidential election. Barrack Obama causes Twitter to crash. Steve Jobs’ keynote put stress on Twitter. There was video taken of Steve Jobs. “a bootstrapped symphony of virtualized Steve Reality Distortion Field funneled through the MacBook AIR” (no idea what this means…acid trip maybe). Fanaticism and early adopters. Services like Twitter and Qik are magical. You will be in control. You’ll see dead people.

I’m reminded of Chaser segments like this (Steve’s Seque’s are a lot longer though)