Techcrunch thinks Bloglines is in trouble because Newgator has a toolbar…hmmm.

August 10, 2006 — 3 Comments

Bizarre post from Marshall Kirkpatrick over at Techcrunch suggesting that Bloglines needs to look out because…wait for it…Newsgator has launched a toolbar.

To quote:

While Bloglines has long been the favorite feed reader for people looking for a simple but powerful tool, the new Newsgator toolbar means that users seeking many of these features now have options. Newsgator provides a river of news feature that Bloglines does not and handles OPML files much more gracefully

I couldn’t river a rats arse about River of News Layout, I like my Bloglines exactly how it is, and aside from maybe, very, very, rarely using a Bloglines button found on a blog to subscribe to it, I always add stuff to Bloglines by cutting and pasting the RSS feed URL into it using the Add feature.

Put simply, Bloglines is the market leader because it works the way people want it to, and no amount of bells and whistles from Newsgator is going to change this….and yes, I’ve tried Newsgator and a pile of other RSS readers out as well, still always end up back at Bloglines…to paraphrase Apple: It just works for me (most of the time).


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