The Truth about Scientology?

June 26, 2006 — 1 Comment

Interesting post at the Something Awful boards which is definitely worth a read. This quote stands out:

The secret behind this cult, behind this evil organization, is in it’s direction, it’s goal. The goal of Scientology is not to become the major predominant religion of the world. That is something they have already secured. You will not see any end to Scientology over the years. Through mob tactics and the sheer weight of it’s wealth and influence, Scientology will become the only way to pray in the world. The leaders are not in any way, being the realistic, pragmatic people that they are, doubtful of that. It’s not a belief on their part, but a fact. You would do well to remember that before the end.

What end? The end being the success of their main goal, which is to become the first true Illuminati of the world. So far, such a word has been a myth, an urban legend of politics. No real Illuminati has ever existed on this planet, but that is the goal of Scientology: Unlimited power. Power to decide the fate of all things, all people. They do it for their own interests, the endless interest of what it would feel like to have control over everything. They do it not for any betterment of mankind, or even in sustaining the tenuous harmony we as a species have now. I have met all level VIII’s at one time or another, and I know better than anyone that not a one of them would have a problem with infanticide, global cleansing of “weaker” ethnicities, slavery, aristocracy, or vindictive torture of anyone they don’t like.

Tom Cruise as the President of the United States….now that would be interesting 🙂