Vista Continues to make Friends (Not)

August 21, 2007

Zoli Erdos rues buying a Vista machine. Raju Vegensa using the $1700 it was going to cost him to recover data from a Dell on a Macbook Pro.

I read late last week Cameron Reilly on Twitter complaining about issues with his PC. When a couple of folks suggested buying a Mac he said that dealing with PC issues is a manly thing to do: now I’ve heard everything.

The thing is, and the reason why I’m now a Mac desktop and laptop user (the Macbook Pro is the Ferrari to the Acers Proton, The Mac Pro is difficult to compare to anything, maybe Aston Martin? 🙂 ) is because time is too precious to deal with computer issues. This isn’t 1995, or 1989 for that mater, back when you might use your computer for the occasional game and a bit of word processing, with a whole ton of spare time in between for tweaking software and hardware. Time has a cost. Macs might be a little bit more expensive (and it’s really only a little bit when you compare PC hardware with the exact same specs) but the cost benefit works in your favor with the time saved by not having to maintain it or worry about drivers/ compatibility/ everything really the longer you use it. I can honestly say but except for occasionally forgetting the name of an installed app and not being immediately able to find it (my fault) I’ve never had an issue on my two Macs yet in around 6-8 weeks of becoming a Mac user.

BTW: for PC’s users thinking of coming across: Parallels covers you for Windows apps. I’m still using Windows Live Writer for my personal blogging, for playing Poker (no Mac Pokerstars client yet) and for general software testing. Windows runs better on the Mac than it ever did on my PC, and most importantly I’m not reliant on Windows for mission critical apps.