Where’s The Cheese?

January 18, 2008

Peter Russell Clarke outtakes from the 80’s. Language NSFW via FullTimeCasual on Twitter. LMAO.

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  1. At first I thought he had Tourette’s – man that was funny. Reminds me of some Aussie buddies from University – man could they swear. For some reason it did not feel as harsh when they said it.

    Thanks for the post

    Cheers – Eric
    PS – Map of Taz – was/is that slang? or were my friends too drunk and I did not hear that right?

  2. Eric,
    as a kid this guy was the biggest chef on TV in Australia, I still to this day use one of his recipes.

    Yeah on the slang, Tasmania looks a bit like a triangle with 2 corners at the top, hence the reference.

  3. @ duncan – Ahhh that explains it all thanks for that – was wondering why a classmate would be reluctant to show her maps of the area – now the pieces come together – mint.

    @ Andrew Sayer – Thanks for that link – man he sounds like a lot of fun – he should get a show online. I almost pissed myself listening to that interview – perfect.

    Cheers – Eric

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