Why I wont be upgrading to WP 2.1 yet

January 22, 2007

Aaron has a good guide as to what to expect in WordPress 2.1. I won’t be rushing to upgrade due to this line:

many plugins will no longer work in 2.1 due to deprecation of database table variables

Too much hassle at this stage, and I’m still struggling to upgrade to 2.0.7 on all my sites, let alone 2.1 🙂



6 responses to Why I wont be upgrading to WP 2.1 yet

  1. Same here Duncan – I’m a bit concerned with how many plugins will just one day be obsolete and not just that but will probably crash your blog if you don’t deactivate them.

    I think I’ll what a week or three to see how she goes – although some of the features Aaron talks about are pretty damn good.

  2. It’s really depend. If you didn’t install a lot of plugin, there won’t be much hassle upgrading to WordPress 2.1.

  3. My problem: I’ve always been plugin happy and I really don’t want to go through the bother of try to fix or replace my currently good working plugins. I’ll wait and see on the new version, but it looks like there will be a bigger break to 2.1 then there was from 1.5 to 2…and that can’t be a good thing….indeed it reeks of SixApart who wrongly didn’t care about there 3rd party user base in the past (note: not so now). I’m seeing more and more alternatives to WP emerging, please be to god that WP isn’t going to drive people away with arrogance.

  4. I agree. It could be a painful upgrade for a working, profitable blog.

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