My 5 minutes of being Dave Winer

January 22, 2007 — 11 Comments

Yep, I’ve suffered a bout of grumpy old blogger syndrome. No, I’m not claiming my blog was the first one, but this thread at 901am got me started. The new owners of The Blog Herald (no link love anymore) took it upon themselves to remove my name from the author column at the bottom of the site (note they’ve since removed it all together). Yes: they can do as they please, it’s there site now, but personally I found it a slight against me, 3500 posts, many of which I’d think would still drive large amounts of traffic to the site…indeed I still find old things I’ve written at the site when I’m looking for things on Google, on a regular basis.

I’ve done nothing wrong to the new owners, indeed I covered the buy positively and even participated in some of the conversation about how the buy is representative of an ascendant Pinoy blogosphere…and yet I get removed. Matt Craven, the previous owner *ALWAYS* showed respect (BTW Matt, if you’re reading this, what are you doing now?) and I was happy to return it in droves, the new mob however seem to be about as reliable as a pack of galahs. Indeed, do they want a fight? Pissing off my mates like Krug doesn’t help. Maybe I might consider doing something in the blogging space again. It won’t be another Blog Herald, but something newer, something unique, and something that will whip some ass! 🙂