Wii’ve been sucessful, but Wii’ve got a supply problem

December 14, 2006 — 1 Comment

A week in owning a Nintendo Wii, and all is good. I’ve bowled a 180, my son still loves Cars, and all is good in the world.

In the marketplace, the Wii has been totally successful in Australia. I’ve not seen any sales data yet, but you literally can’t buy one in Bunbury, Western Australia, the shops stocking it have all sold out, and every single one of them has told me that there not expecting another shipment until after Christmas. The supply problem though not only extends to the console, it’s become close to impossible to purchase all bar half a dozen Wii console titles in this neck of the woods as well. I went to purchase Need for Speed Carbon and Spounge Bob Square Pants today, Target and Big W didn’t have any, but EB had them on the shelf, yae I thought to myself, until I got to the counter and the young kid serving couldn’t find the Discs. Eventually his supervisor turned up and told him to tell me (all in front of me, rather rudely) that they didn’t have them in stock. After Christmas I was told. EB had about 5 titles in stock, and not many of them, Big W had 3, Target had maybe 6 or 7, none of them titles I was particularly interested in buying. The irony, at EB at least, was on the front counter, where they were selling some sort of Wii game guide for $10 that talked about over 70 titles being available. If they are available, they aren’t here. Much like the US and UK, it looks like Nintendo can’t supply the Australian market well enough. Can’t win them all I guess, but at least in Nintendo’s case, you’re better off not being able to meet demand as opposed to not being able to sell units.