World of Warcraft Day 1

November 22, 2005

Well, finally, finally the 5 1/2 million WOW patches downloaded and late last night, after some serious blog work I logged in and set up my character. I’m apparently a night elve (or was it elf??). First impressions, compared to say Second Life, the customisation options for characters are very limited.

So off I went, there was a large mountain and roaming animals, and a whole lot of other players who had absolutely no idea what they were doing. I gathered this is where newbies must start. A number of people tried to get me to join their groupings (I’m not sure why). Eventually I found a quest, and once having got it had no idea how to actually find the creature I was to look for. By this stage it was getting late, and I was slaying things for the fun of it, all the while with no idea how to actually do the quest, until I realised one of the little blips on the mini-map was the target! One quest down, and I’m on level 2. Second quest was to slay a few animals, which I was still doing before heading off to bed.

More thoughts: very rich environment visually, and the graphics are way, way smooth compared to say Second Life. Nice background music as well. Getting the hang of the game though is a little weird, I’m guessing that its all about going on quests and what not, and building up your levels, so I’ll keep trying and see what happens. As a fan of CIV and SimCity style games (how many people can remember gems like A-Train and Transport Tycoon?) I’ve never really been into this style of gaming, which is why I suppose I want to keep going at it so I can finally understand what the appeal is to people. I’m thinking of it as a personal challenge, a be it one that also gives me some R&R as well.