WTF? Technorati lauches a Digg clone.

January 31, 2007


Steve Rubel reports on Technorati launching a Digg clone named WTF. Yep, WTF but meaning where’s the fire…I kid you not. Why didn’t they just call it Where’s the Cheese? or is that phrase a TM of the Australian Dairy Corporation?. Peter Russell Clarke could be the head spokesman and all. Talking of WTF, Peter Russell Clarke has a MySpace page. WTF, WTC? Just in case though you are looking for some feelgood Digg cloned goodness at Technorati, don’t rush, WTF(ire) is a WTF(*ck) on service, never a good sign when launching something.


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2 responses to WTF? Technorati lauches a Digg clone.

  1. Really should have fixed there shit first before launching another broken product.

  2. Technorati is astonishingly unreliable. I still laugh about the day I was searching for some Google news and it returned the result “There are no posts that contain Google” I live for the day when nobody is blogging about Google.