If talk about nothing is nothing, does it become nothing itself?

April 29, 2007

Tris Hussey on some folk waking up today and discovering what I’ve been saying for 6-9 months: we’ve reached a peak in blog growth, at least in the Western World, although oddly enough they’re calling it a plateau.


Technorati now reckons there is only 15.5 million active blogs.


Double BS even.

Technorati has NEVER tracked all blogs and they never will. They hardly even touch the surface on MySpace, they are woefully under represented in Asia with the exception of Japan, and even figures I was doing 2 years ago, using figures in some cases DIRECTLY from blog hosts showed that there was a whole pile of blogs out there that ain’t in Technorati.

But back to the meme at hand: that there’s some sort of plateau. Yawn again. It’s talk about something that doesn’t exist because the number is BS, that and do they really think that active blogs will continue at the same rate (or even know what a plateau is?): is it therefore is talk about nothing, and if you talk about nothing, doesn’t that talk become nothing itself?

Dave Winer gets its right: “Look for individuals who are changing things using blogs, that’s what’s important.” Mind you, counting them was worthwhile once upon a time, back when we will still trying to prove the worth of blogs and blogging, but we’ve passed that point.

One response to If talk about nothing is nothing, does it become nothing itself?

  1. Duncan, Exactly. Okay who would have figured, you, me, and Dave Winer all agreeing on the same issue on the same day!

    Rock on!