Online Inauguration Video Fail

January 21, 2009 — 9 Comments

My experience at 3:45 AEDT this morning:

Hulu: audio/ video out of sync, could only be fixed by closing the stream and restarting it…then slowly the same thing would happen again

CNN/ Facebook: people are gushing over this. I’m sure it was great, except that I got a message that it was full and I’d have to wait to get in. Yeah, I’m going to wait in the middle of Obama’s speech. Fail.

Livestation: I love Livestation, but I don’t have the client installed on my laptop, only my desktop, and I had no intention of getting out of bed. Page time outs, and when you got anything up only half would load. Couldn’t download the client to watch.

MSNBC: seriously delayed, maybe 10-30 seconds or more. So I’d switch to MSNBC from Hulu, then have to sit through parts of the speech I’d already heard.

Suprisingly though, there was one site I like, but admitedly I only hit it AFTER the speech.

Fox News, no, not the Hulu feed, the actual feed from the Fox News website.

Quality was ok, not brilliant, but in sync, and easily went full screen. They also offered different camera angles in the same box, so you could watch raw footage, or footage with comentary, and you could also switch to Fox Radio. Next time there’s something live like this, I know where I’m heading.

I didn’t get a a chance to hit Ustream, but I’ve heard quality wasn’t great, but it’s also a possible.

CBS was suppose to be good from reports.