Inquisitr January

February 2, 2009

Pageviews: 1,819,094 (per Google Analytics)
down slightly from last month. Very slow start to the month where I thought we’d be off a lot more, picked up after Jan 10.

Traffic profile: highest post accounted for 5.2% of traffic.

Finances: don’t mention the war 😉
Seriously though, we’ve been tweaking and playing with extra ads and better passback inventory. This month wasn’t great, but we’ve done as much as we can to bring up the gap lost from out frontline provider who managed to drop a nearly 50% vs December, despite a 10% drop in traffic from us. With unfortunately having to put one writer off (last day Feb 5), we should show a reasonable profit next month presuming traffic holds up. Certainly the ad rates can’t get much lower; in that regard we’re actually pretty well placed going forward vs sites that are still facing hits ahead of them.

Technorati Rank:238